ESE Solutions

We liberate human and capital resources by making
non-core, but necessary, aspects of businesses as SIMPLE as possible.


ESE Solutions was initially founded to assist large retailers and manufacturers in implementing common-sense zero waste and sustainability solutions without allocating additional headcount or capital.
Now, we have expanded our offerings to support small and mid-sized businesses in addition to enterprises by making complex programs simple and liberating resources from tedious tasks. By freeing our clients’ time, we energize them to focus on what they do best and enable them to think creatively about what is next for their businesses.

Everything should be as simple as possible, but not simpler.
Albert Einstein


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
Leonardo DaVinci


Utility Data Entry

Our Utility Bill Data Collection service was designed to make the process of gathering data from PDF utility bills as fast, easy, ...

Chargeback Management

Get the margin sapping errors made by vendors under control! Our system charges back vendors when they violate the contracted term...

Offsite Temp Services

Have too many to-dos? Stressed with busy work or have a tight deadline that you need to quickly scale up resources? We can manage ...

Waste Service Procurement

As with all industries, the waste industry has its nuances. Unfortunately, not being familiar with them can greatly increase your ...

A la Carte Energy Manager

Organizing your data and identifying the most value-added opportunities can feel like an overwhelming task. Sometimes you know wha...

Vendor Policy Development

This is where it all begins. We work with you to set clear expectations and fair consequences for not meeting them. Our goals thro...

Energy Supply Procurement

It is true, shopping around for a new energy provider can save you lots of money. But how do you choose one that is reliable, trus...

Energy Management System

Whether you are big or small, as a licensed partner of Noesis we have an energy management system solution for you. For larger org...

Automated Workflows

When suppliers or other partners do not hold up their end of the bargain, that creates extra work for your organization outside of...

EPA Program Management

We manage all aspects of EPA voluntary partnership programs such as WasteWise and Energy Star for Buildings. We work with you to e...

Bill Pay

Whether for utilities or paper clips, we can pay your bills for you and provide you with an upload file consistent with the requir...

Recycling Programs

We develop and manage recycling programs, not only for common materials like cardboard and paper, but also for complex and hazardo...

Data Entry

We can take stacks of paper or files and pull the data into whatever format you require. All of your files will be scanned using t...

Product Donation

We enable you to donate merchandise or finished product that is usable, but not saleable, by identifying charity partners for all ...


Once you have your strategy in place and are successfully executing, ESE Solutions helps you share your message with external stak...

My Sustainability Plan

MSP can help your organization make personal sustainability an active part of daily life for your employees and stakeholders. Thro...

Sustainability Strategy

If your company is new to sustainability, we can work with you to develop a strategy that is consistent with your company’s valu...

Eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.
Hans Hofmann


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